How Can You Tell If You Need A Hair Restoration Treatment? Read On

28 November 2020
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Your hair is an integral part of your body image. It is helps people make a fashion statement about their sense of style. It is very distressing to watch your hair thin out or start falling off. Some of the leading causes of hair loss are conditions like alopecia—a condition that cause hair to fall out in small patches, and the side effects of chemotherapy. Fortunately, there are new medical inventions that are very useful for hair restoration. Read More 

Abaloparatide Injection To Treat Osteoporosis: 3 Things You Should Know

15 September 2020
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In this article, you'll discover key facts you should know about the abaloparatide injection drug to treat osteoporosis. What Is Abaloparatide? Abaloparatide is a medicine used to treat severe osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It is a manmade hormone used to mimic the parathyroid hormone that is naturally found in the body. Abaloparatide is an osteoanabolic, meaning it promotes bone regeneration. Another form of medicine used for this same purpose is teriparatide. Teriparatide has been used to help men and women with low bone density. Read More 

3 Affordable Hair Loss Treatments

25 June 2020
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A full, thick head of hair is a coveted sign of youth. The signs of hair loss can be subtle. You may notice more hair in your brush or shower than you used to. Hair loss is more common in men, but it can strike members of both genders. Prompt treatment can help you halt or even reverse hair loss. Unfortunately, many of the common remedies for hair loss are expensive. Read More 

What To Know About PRP Hair Treatment

26 March 2020
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Fine lines and wrinkles are just two of the things that are frustrating to think about as you age, but balding is one of those things that can make you want to go crazy. While you can just embrace the baldness and shave your head, you may want to try a few other treatments to prevent it from getting worse. One of the most popular treatments available right now is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment. Read More