How Can You Tell If You Need A Hair Restoration Treatment? Read On

28 November 2020
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Your hair is an integral part of your body image. It is helps people make a fashion statement about their sense of style. It is very distressing to watch your hair thin out or start falling off. Some of the leading causes of hair loss are conditions like alopecia—a condition that cause hair to fall out in small patches, and the side effects of chemotherapy. Fortunately, there are new medical inventions that are very useful for hair restoration. 

The process involves the diagnosis of your condition. The restoration expert will then gauge whether it is possible to achieve complete restoration, and they will advise you on the best treatment for you. Here are three ways you can tell that you need a hair loss treatment. 

Are You the Right Age? 

Hair loss can happen to anyone and at any age. However, most people in many cases enjoy healthy hair for the first three decades of life before going bald. If your hairline has been receding for several years, and you have noticeable bald spots on your head, you should think about getting a hair restoration treatment. 

A diagnosis will be necessary. The professional might ask you to wait until you are in your mid-thirties because they want to gauge the pattern your hair loss will follow and recommend an effective treatment.

Do You Have Enough Donor Hair?

Many hair restoration treatments will need you to have donor hair for it.  If you have been balding for a few years, it is also wise to see a professional before losing all your hair. Remember that they will harvest the hair to use for the transplant from you.

The professional will check whether they can use the Norwood scale, a classification system used to determine the extent of male pattern baldness, to determine if the remaining hair will restore the bald spots. They will also know the right time and conditions under which to harvest the donor hairs to be useful.

Can You Manage Your Expectations?

It is hard to be calm when you are losing your hair. However, hair restoration is a journey that takes some time. You might have to wait for as long as one year for your hair restoration to complete. Remember that the transplanted hair needs some time to pick up the growth cycle, which will take a few months to a year.

The best thing to do is to discuss the restoration options with the professionals. They will help you understand each method's benefits and guide you in choosing the best treatment for you.