5 Ways To Use Hair Styling To Change Your Look

28 July 2022
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Hair styling is one of the fastest ways to change your appearance. You might wonder how a hair styling services provider would accomplish this with your look. They do it using these 5 styling tricks.


One of the simplest tools is hair length. Cutting the hair shorter tends to bring out the face and neck more. If someone feels their neck is too short, for example, getting the hair off of it can make it appear longer. Similarly, a person with a very long neck might want to tone it down by going with a lengthier cut.

Length also tends to bring out the shape of the face more. Someone with a very round face, for example, may use longer hair to make their face look thinner. Reversing that approach would help someone who has a narrower face.

Contours and Framing

The contours of a person's hairstyle tend to frame their face. A cut that comes around the face and jaw, for example, will frame their face more aggressively than something that falls past the shoulders. If you want people to focus on certain features, such as eyes and lips, a well-framed face can be helpful.

Likewise, the contours can take some of the edges off of sharp features. If you wish to tone down a strong jawline, the right frame can make a huge difference.


Many types of hair styling have cultural implications. A closely shorn cut along the sides of the head along with more at the top is probably going to read as edgier and more punk, for example. Wavy hair with minimalist styling can read as unruly and fun. If you're trying to make a change, you might want to consider styling your hair in a way that states your identity strongly.

Hair Type

There is a product on the market for changing every hair type to a style you want. However, a stylist will usually encourage you to play the cards nature dealt you as well as possible. Someone who has very curly hair, for example, can lean into it with care and styling to show off their curls. A person with straight hair could use highlights to show make the lines work more appealing.


Another trick for making hair styling communicate a new you is to play with contradictions. If you choose a very edgy cut, for example, keeping it tightly coifed will contradict some of the implications. This can elevate a look to something very fashion-forward.