5 Trendy Men's Hair Perm Treatments Every Man Should Know About

5 May 2023
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A hair perm involves using a chemical treatment to change the structure of hair strands. Some individuals with naturally kinky or curly hair use hair perms to achieve straight hair. Individuals who desire to have curly or wavy hair can use perms to get their dream hair structure temporarily. They can opt for loose or defined curls. The resulting curl pattern is dependent upon the rollers that the cosmetologist uses for the service.

Men's hair perms are becoming increasingly popular. There are options for men to enhance their look, whether it be rugged or sophisticated. The following points offer insight into hair perm treatments for men. 

Classic Perm

This is the curly hair perm that most individuals are familiar with. It produces curls that are tight yet bouncy. It creates a natural carefree look using a cold perm technique.

Spiral Perm

This hair service involves using a heated perm technique. The hair is wrapped around regular rollers in a spiral rotation. Alternatively, some cosmetologists use spiral rollers to achieve the same effect. Spiral perms are ideal for men who want dramatic results.

Wavy Perm

Waves are ideal for men who want a sleek and sophisticated curl pattern. This option is popular among business executives. However, it can complement any type of wardrobe, which means that if a man wants wavy hair, he should choose this option or a digital perm.

Digital Perm

This hair perm option produces loose wavy hair. It is suited well for hair that is neck length or longer. It can add a touch of sophistication to rugged or dressy clothing. It creates a bold statement of confidence that is sure to be eye-catching. 

Body Wave Perm

Men who prefer short hair will appreciate the effects of a body wave hair perm. It produces dramatic, loose, yet defined wavy curls. The cosmetologist will create a curl pattern that is loose in the crown area but gradually cascades down to tighter wavy curls. 

A hair salon is a good resource to use to learn more about hair perm treatments. One of the most important things to remember is that perms are best suited for healthy hair. A cosmetologist can consult and determine whether an individual's hair is healthy. They have a variety of treatments that can be used to revive damaged hair. Individuals should remember that perms can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. A cosmetologist can advise on the expected time frame to get retouch services. 

Contact a stylist to learn more about men's hair perms