Advice For Those Just Beginning To Use Eye Serums

1 December 2021
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When you're young, the skin around your eyes tends to be taut and youthful. As you get a little older, saggy skin, fine lines, and dark circles tend to creep in. Eye serums can really help with this, but when you first begin to use them, there can be a bit of a learning curve. Here is some advice for anyone who is just starting to use eye serums for the first time.

Look for a CBD eye serum.

There are so many different ingredients you can find in eye serums. They all have their place. But as someone new to eye serums, it's a good idea to start with one that contains CBD as the main active ingredient. CBD does all of the things you generally want an eye serum to do. It encourages the skin to relax, which can make your eyes look less stressed. It reduces inflammation, helps moisturize, and helps fight fine lines. CBD is also really non-irritating. You're less likely to react poorly to it than you are to other, less natural ingredients.

Choose a vegan option.

The other main thing to look for in a first eye serum is that it's made with vegan ingredients. There are now so many eye serums that are vegan that there's really no reason to choose one that's not. Vegan eye serums are better for the planet, the animals, and you.

Apply the serum at night.

Eventually, you might want to use an eye serum morning and night. However, you're usually best off starting by using it at night, only. This gives your skin time to adapt to the product and you time to get used to using it. Having the serum in place overnight will give your skin the best chance to actually use the ingredients it contains to its benefit. Plus, if you apply a little too much or don't rub it in well enough, both of which are common beginners' mistakes, nobody will see it.

Smooth the serum upward.

When you apply eye serum, always use upward strokes. Apply a little serum to your fingertips, tap around your eyes, and then start smoothing. This strategy helps lift and tone the skin around your eyes, and it also reduces your chances of getting the serum into your eyes.

In time, using eye serum will become a normal part of your routine. As you start out, just keep the advice above in mind.

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