Must-Have Hair Salon Equipment For A New Business

17 August 2021
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The salon business is booming due to people's constant desire to look and feel their best. So as an aspiring entrepreneur, opening a hair salon is a step in the right direction. However, it's important to remember that you'll need more than your passion for beauty to make your dream business a reality.

Of course, when you're building a salon business from the ground up, a feasible business plan comes in handy as your roadmap to success. But most importantly, you need an equipment checklist to ensure you're getting the right tools of the trade. This article will highlight must-have equipment your new salon should have to attract qualified customers.

Salon Stations

Salon stations are the most important factor to consider when you're designing the salon. You should allocate enough funds to purchase comfortable chairs that clients won't mind sitting in for an extended period. In addition, your salon stations should also have full-length mirrors that allow clients to track the progress of the salon technicians.

Ensure that your salon has sufficient stations on the first day of operation to accommodate all clients who want to try out your services. This will help you have a successful launch and ensure clients have a positive first impression of your business.

Beauty Beds

Beauty beds are another set of essential pieces of equipment that shouldn't miss in your new salon because they guarantee clients' comfort during facial treatments. They also enable your salon technicians to offer beauty services to clients' satisfaction.

Since there is a wide selection of models in the market, you should know the features you need in your beauty beds. Here are the essential features that will make your beauty beds functional:

·         An adjustable recliner that enables every client to find the most comfortable position before a facial treatment session.

·         A wheeled sturdy base that makes the bed portable.

·         High-density foam padding to keep clients comfortable.

·         A soft, strong plastic cover that is pleasant to lay on and easy to sanitize.

Prioritizing the comfort of your clients and the productivity of your employees when choosing beauty beds gives your business an edge and allows it to stand out.

Shampoo Bowls

Since the main service a salon offers is hair treatment, you should invest in shampoo bowls that enable your salon technicians to clean, color, and relax clients' hair. Every salon station should have a designated shampoo bowl so that clients are not kept waiting when the salon is packed.

When you're in the market for shampoo bowls, look for acrylic-coated products as they're scratch and stain-resistant. These are the best because constant exposure to hair products won't damage or discolor them.

If you're planning on opening a salon, include these pieces of equipment in your budget. Also, consult a hair and skincare professional on other hair salon equipment you should buy.