Botox For Brains And Beauty: What You Didn't Expect From This Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

30 September 2019
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Botox, which is short for "botulinum toxin," is deadly in certain doses. Yet, very small doses injected into your facial muscles arrests the muscles and causes them to become taut. As the muscles pull tight from the toxin, your wrinkles disappear. Until your body can process the Botox and remove it from your system as the toxin it is, your face remains frozen in this more youthful appearance. What you may not know is that Botox is used for other things besides ironing out the wrinkles in your face. See how it can work wonders in other ways.

Botox for Migraines

Migraine sufferers have to deal with the auras and pain and nausea of these awful headaches all the time. If you are currently treating wrinkles with Botox, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that your migraines have subsided. That is because a lot of stress is often the cause of migraines, and the muscles in your head and neck affect the nerves and blood traveling to your brain. When you are getting Botox for wrinkles, you are arresting many of the same craniofacial muscles that are at the heart of migraines. Hence, your migraines go away when you are attempting to beautify your face, and when you seek out migraine relief, you beautify your face. It is a double-win. 

Botox for Turkey Neck and Bulldog Jowls

Aging does some horrible things to people's faces. As the skin around your neck begins to take on deep wrinkle-grooves, the muscles underneath are heavy and sagging. These muscles are connected to your face, so they pull down on your face and chin as well. You end up with turkey neck and bulldog cheeks and jowls starting in your forties, right about the time you should really start enjoying life and being free of other constraints. Thankfully, Botox can fix this too. Injections above and below the deep creases in your neck, and along the jaw and chin lines, gets all of the muscles to pull up. You are treated to a face that has not looked back at you in the mirror for ten to twenty years. (Just keep in mind that the effects are temporary, so you will need another treatment in three to six months.)

Botox for a Nose Job

There are three parts of your body that never stop growing, no matter how old you are. Your earlobes, your nose, and your feet will all continue to get larger or longer with age because of gravity. Your earlobes would need to be surgically pinned and tucked to make them small and cute again, and nothing can be done for your feet. However, Botox can actually lift and minimize the end of your nose.