The Many Benefits Of Retin-A

13 July 2019
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Check the label of many higher-end skincare products, and you'll see the ingredient "retin-A" listed. It's in a lot of gels and moisturizers, and even in some cleansers. With its popularity, you may be wondering what the benefits of retin-A are. Well, there are many. Here's a look.

Wrinkle Prevention

One primary benefit of retin-A is in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. The ingredient stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, which is a protein that gives the skin structure and a "plump" texture. Your body starts to produce less collagen as you age, which is one reason wrinkles develop. Retin-A, to some degree, cancels out this effect. In order to reduce and prevent wrinkling, however, you need to use retin-A regularly. Most people like a moisturizer with retin-A for wrinkle-prevention purposes since they can apply it all over the face.

Even Coloring

A lot of sun damage and scarring is also related to collagen production. As such, retin-A can help even out some uneven skin coloration such as that from acne scarring or years spent in the sun. It won't transform your skin overnight, but using it over a period of months should have a pretty pronounced effect on your skin tone. You can even buy a more concentrated retin-A cream or gel to apply specifically to really scarred areas. Just make sure you also apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun since rentin-A can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. 

Acne Treatment

Another effect of retin-A is that it increases the rate at which your skin cells turnover. As such, it can help prevent and treat acne blemishes. Acne is caused, in part, by skin cells getting caught in your pores and clogging them. Increasing the turnover rate of skin cells reduces this issue. For acne, you are usually best-off using a cream or gel that you can apply specifically to the most effected areas. A lot of people start using retin-A when they are younger for acne and then keep using it as they grow older as a wrinkle preventative.

Wrinkled, uneven skin tone, and acne are issues that many people deal with, and retin-A offers an all-in-one way to manage these problems. To learn more, or to find out which retin-A product is best for you, speak with your dermatologist. They may also recommend some other medications you can combine with retin-A for a more pronounced effect.

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