Preparing For Your Barbershop Experience

22 March 2019
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Go prepared to answer questions that your barber will ask you about the kind of haircut you wish to have. Your answers help him or her to style your haircut to your satisfaction. Bear in mind the kind of haircut you want should be based on the shape of your face. Everyone has a different face shape. You just have to be sure to choose a haircut that frames your unique face shape. You can engage in light banter with your barber about why that is important to you.

Face Shapes

There are a number of face shapes for you men, and you can determine which of them fits your face. There are oval face shape, square, rectangle, round and diamond-shaped faces as well. Make sure your choice is truly what you want. Ideally, your barber relies on your face's shape, too, in order to give you a classic haircut.

Barbershop Rules

If you have a haircut appointment, then don't be late for that appointment. Remember to wash your hair prior to arriving for the haircut. When your turn comes to sit in the barber chair, be pleasant and do show respect for this professional. It's a cardinal sin for you to launch into giving instructions to the barber about cutting your hair properly. Barbers are trained professionals.

Hairstyles To Choose From

Hairstyles are plentiful. Gone are the days when the only haircut for men was the short haircut. You now have the choice of making a statement when you leave the barbershop by virtue of having a stylish haircut. If you sport medium-length hair, why not try a swept-back haircut. A side part hairstyle looks great when you have medium-length hair or long hair for that matter.

An Ivy League Hairstyle

How about trying a statement Ivy League haircut with styling emphasis at the back of your head or using a part on the side. This sort of haircut gives you a refined and sophisticated look, especially when you're wearing a suit. You can also engage in a conversation with your barber about other styles that could be the right ones to choose from. Leaf through men's hairstyles while waiting for your haircut when you enter the barbershop.

Pompadour Hairstyle

Remember Elvis Presley's pompadour hairstyle? Yes, the pompadour hairstyle is emerging again with a nice addition to it. You can go for a taper with fade pompadour haircut that is quite edgy and attractive.

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