Want To Dye Your Hair? Consider Extensions Instead

9 April 2018
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Seeing others with hair in beautiful shades of red, blue and even purple can make you want to dye your own hair. You might already be thinking about what you'll look like with pink or silver hair. You may not be thinking about hair extensions; in fact, you may not know much about them. Many celebrities use them already and the quality of hair used in extensions has improved so much that you can look fantastic with them too. Here are reasons to start considering either clip-in, taped-in or sewn-in extensions.

Reason #1: You Just Want to Try Out a Color

Deciding to dye your hair presents you with a ton of choices you'll need to make. The first question is usually about the color you'll use. You might want to try life as a redhead or you might want a deep purple. However, you may not know how you'll feel after a few days with the color. Disliking the way you look is something that can't be changed without a new dye job.

Luckily, clip-in extensions can allow you to try new looks without any risk to your natural hair. Hair salon stylists can help you choose the extensions and then dye them the shade you're interested in.

Reason #2: You Want to Protect Your Hair

Hair dye and bleach can be tough on your natural hair, especially if you want to change colors often. Your hair can become brittle or less smooth and supple than you're used to. Hair extensions present an opportunity to protect your natural hair while enjoying all the colors you like. Not only can clip-ins be dyed, you can also sit for a period in a hair salon and have extensions taped or sewed in. Typically hair is braided first and will remain untouched by curling irons, blow dryers and other heating tools that can cause damage. When you're ready to return to your natural hair, it will still be healthy and strong.

Reason #3: Your Hair Will Get Wet

If you have dyed your hair before, you may already know the disappointing feeling that can happen when you wash your hair for the first time after getting the color put in. Watching all that dye wash down the drain can dampen your spirits and you may lament the fact that the dye will fade a little each day. With dyed clip-in extensions, you can remove them before jumping into showers and pools. That way, the color will last longer and the bright, freshly-dyed look will last longer.

After reading this article, you might be open to trying extensions for yourself. Your local hair salon will be able to advise you about the different types available and the right kind of hair to purchase so you can look gorgeous with newly-dyed locks.