How Not To Cover Gray Hair For Brunettes

24 February 2017
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Most people will dye their hair back to its natural color when they see that first strand of gray hair. This approach is not always the best if you want a natural looking hair color. When you turn gray, it causes your hair and skin to lose pigmentation. If your hair is naturally dark and you dye it back to its original color, then it can create a harsh contrast with your skin tone. Read on to find out how brunettes can cover gray hair.

Stay Away From Highlights

Some brunettes try to hide their gray hair with highlights. When hiding gray hair with highlights, your colorists will go heavy in the gray areas and try to blend it with the highlights. However, highlights only work if you have only a few gray strands. Your colorist is trying to blend the gray strands in with the highlights, but it does not work. If you are a brunette, then highlights will just accentuate your grays.

Don't Make A Mistake With Vegetable Dyes

Vegetable dyes are a healthy option for dyeing your hair. It is known as a natural dye because of coming from plant sources. These sources include wood, leaves, bark, berries, and roots. This type of dye is unpredictable and you can easily make a mistake.

Vegetable dyes do not work for brunettes when it comes to hiding gray hair. The color tends to grab the ends when putting vegetable dye on brunette hair. It can turn your hair orange or some other weird color. This type of dye cannot be covered over with an oxidative product. It can take from eight to 10 weeks for the dye to fade.

Paint Out The Grays

Some colorists may insist on a full permanent dye at the first signs of gray hair. However, you should not go this route. You have to take in consideration that your roots can grow out. Painting out your grays is one of the best options.

A colorist can put more color back in your hair by applying a darker semi-permanent dye into small areas. You can also make the gray strands more lively by bleaching them. Bleaching makes the color look less ruddy looking and prevents the gray from being one dimensional.

However, it is not necessary and it's too much to go with full color with your first gray strands. You want to paint out the grays for as long as possible.

Many women get a haircut when they start to get gray hair. It is a sign of embracing that you are getting older. Going gray is a transition process just like everything else in life. However, if you are thinking about dyeing your hair, then you should go to a professional at a salon such as Five60 Salon.