5 Tips for Growing Your Hair Faster

14 July 2016
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You desire long, luscious hair, but your locks do not seem to be growing much. Although you can't grow five inches of hair overnight, you can speed up the process. If you take good care of your hair and avoid things that are bad for it, you will get the results you want. Here are five helpful tips for growing your hair faster.

Give Yourself Scalp Massages

When you are in the shower washing your hair, take a few moments to give yourself a scalp massage. If you gently massage your head with your fingers, you can improve the blood flow to your scalp and speed up hair growth.

Do Not Skip Hair Trims

Just because you are trying to grow your hair out does not mean you should skip regular haircuts. If you go too long without getting your hair trimmed, you can get split ends, which can lead to hair damage. If you just ask your hairstylist to trim off half an inch every six to eight weeks, your hair can still grow at a good pace.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Growing long and thick hair also requires the right nutrients. If you fill your diet with plenty of protein sources, such as chicken and eggs, your hair will get stronger and grow faster. Other good foods for your hair include strawberries, beans, and fatty fish.

Lay Off Heated Styling Tools

Heated styling tools can make your hair look great for a night, but using them too often can result in a lot of damage. Styling your hair with a flat-iron or curling iron on a regular basis can dry out your locks and cause breakage. If you limit how much you use heated styling tools, your hair will grow faster.

Use a Deep-Conditioning Mask

Whether it is from frequent heat styling or coloring, hair can thin at the bottom over time. If you apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair once a week, you can add moisture and nutrients, which can strengthen your hair and help it grow faster. You will love how silky and smooth your locks will feel after using a deep conditioner.

Growing long hair is not out of reach. If you follow these helpful tips and be patient, you will have longer hair before you know it. Everyone will be envious of your locks and ask you for your tips and tricks and about where you get your hair-styling services.