Clean Up Your Health With Natural Deodorant

16 November 2015
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Smelling nice is something that many consumers strive to achieve. Research shows that scent can play a powerful role in making a positive first impression. Unfortunately, the deodorant you rely on to help mask body odor could be causing you some health problems.

If you want to preserve your health and your pleasant odor, here are three reasons you should consider making the switch to a natural deodorant in the near future.

1. The use of conventional deodorants could increase your risk of developing cancer.

While researchers disagree on the exact nature of the connection between conventional deodorants and cancer, there are some substances found in deodorant products that are alarming. Some of these substances include parabens and aluminum.

Both parabens and aluminum are considered estrogenic substances, which means they interact with the cells in your body in much the same way estrogen does. Excess levels of estrogen have been linked to the growth of cancer cells, so adding estrogenic substances through conventional deodorant use could increase your risk of developing cancer in the future.

Using a natural deodorant that does not contain parabens or aluminum is a good way to lower your exposure to estrogenic substances in the future.

2. Natural deodorants can actually kill the bacteria that lead to unpleasant body odors.

The tell-tale smell associated with poor hygiene is caused by bacterial growth. Conventional deodorants control odor by preventing the body from excreting these bacteria through sweat.

A natural deodorant will allow you to expel bacteria safely, without compromising your ability to smell nice. Many natural deodorants contain essential oils that have antibacterial properties.

Look for a natural deodorant that contains rosemary, sage, lemongrass, or lichen if you want to kill odor-causing bacteria without compromising your body's ability to sweat naturally.

3. A natural deodorant can keep your skin free from irritation.

The skin found in the underarm can be sensitive, since this skin is fairly protected. Shaving or other activities could cause serious irritation when a conventional deodorant is applied.

If you want to keep your underarms free from redness or irritation, a natural deodorant can be a great option. Look for a deodorant that contains witch hazel.

The witch hazel plant contains a significant number of tannins in its leaves. When included in a natural deodorant, these tannins lend their anti-inflammatory properties to the skin located in your underarm.

Taking care of your body is essential when it comes to enjoying good health. Making the switch to the best natural deodorant for your needs will help you avoid cancer, kill bacteria, and prevent skin irritation in the future.